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             Election time is very important. We have a duty to make choices in elections based on what we can learn about candidates and where they stand. The Lyon County Sheriffs race is no different.
             As I have traveled throughout the county the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to ask a few people who were supporting the incumbent, why? The answer I have received has been the same from all of them, “We have heard he is doing a good job and things are going well.”
              Well folks things are not going well in Lyon County. The Lyon County Sheriffs Employees Association has voted to support me for a reason. Hunewill 54 votes, the incumbent 4 votes, 4 non-voters. This should be a huge red flag. Recently a 25 year veteran of law enforcement, the number two man in the department, who spent 8 years as a Sheriff in another county, resigned without warning because he was frustrated with the direction the department is going. You are not being told that, but it is fact. A couple months ago a young deputy came to me and said she was looking for a job elsewhere because she could not take the chance of me loosing the election. That person has since left. There are may other officers in the department that are going through the same motions as we speak. If this happens it will be a bad thing for both us as a department and you as citizens of the county.
               Let’s talk about a couple of other things that need to be addressed. Policies are our written guidelines on how we do our job. The department operated for years on what we called the “Big Green Book”. All of a sudden a little over three years ago it was not good enough anymore. We are currently operating under the Lexipol program, a good program if rolled out correctly. It was not. Past administrations considered using Lexipol but did not because it was expensive, very labor intensive and not set up for rural departments. We are trying to use a one size fits all policy system that is not good for us and will potentially open the department and county up to major liability issues. Another example of not being financially responsible is the fact a little over two years ago we purchased a mobile command vehicle from another agency and have invested close to $100,000.00 of jail funds in this project. The sad part is it is not complete and has yet to be used for anything. We do not need it.
                The Sheriff’s Office and its employees are also guided by two other important documents, Nevada Revised Statute and Lyon County Codes. We seem to be getting involved in issues that are not our business, the brothel debate is an example. We need to remain neutral to be fair and non-partial. This starts at the top and works its way down. We cannot let our personal beliefs influence our actions. We also cannot use department resources in an attempt to accomplish personal agendas.
                 I have worked the streets of Lyon County for over 20 years and I am still connected to the men and women who are protecting you everyday. Crime rates are not going down. The jail population has been well over 100 for the past three weeks. Calls for service are going up, the courts are busier then ever. Our response times to serious calls has gone up in all the areas. This is reality folks, and not information based on chosen statistics.
                There are many more examples I could go through and explain but would create a very long post. All you have to do is ask a deputy, a member of county government or anyone who has done their research. The choice ultimately comes down to you the citizens and voters in Lyon County. You have the choice to vote for someone who can pull it all together, who is neutral, supports and notices the personnel of the agency, and has the best interest of the county at heart. You can also vote the same course we are on and watch the department fall apart. All I ask is that you become informed and don’t just vote for someone because he holds the title. Together we can make a positive change. Stay safe 

what are my plans?


        A lot of people have been asking what are my plans or what am I going to do as Sheriff? Well below I am going to list a few bullet points on what I think we need to do: (not in any particular order, they are all important)
“A donde vamos ”

1. Bring back a sense of ownership to all employees of the department. This includes the volunteers. The best run businesses are those that employees feel they are a part of.
2. Stabilize the turnover rate in the department.
3. Work hard at developing the reserve program along with an explorer program.
4. Get more involved with the schools and our youth, beyond the School Resource Officers.
5. Open the three substations back up to full time, five days a week.
6. Balance out the divisions and bring back the Silver Springs Patrol squad.
7. Reorganize the duties of the Sheriff’s Auxiliary and actively promote the volunteers and the program.
8. Develop our current technology department wide to full potential before starting new projects.
9. Bring back the American flag to our uniforms and/or cars.
10. Reach out to community resources to aid in training development and organization.
11. Continue to develop and maintain business relationships with our county partners.
12. Reorganize command structure and assignments for improved continuity between divisions.
13. Quit spending money on equipment and programs because they look good or sound good. Focus on spending tax payers money on things that are practical and work.
14. Get back into the communities at the ground level and work with members to achieve our goals.

These are a few of the main objectives. The world of Law Enforcement is forever changing so “WE” must be flexible, willing to think outside the box and together work smarter not harder.



The Lyon  County Sheriff's Employees Association

Dr. Robin Titus, Nevada State Assembly Woman

Peri and Sons Farms

I look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.


I was born and raised in Lyon County.  My ancestors  settled in Lyon County in 1861 and have maintained family businesses in the area since that time. I attended Lyon County Schools and graduated valedictorian of my high school in 1982.  I attended college at the University of Nevada Reno and graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. After college I went to work for the family construction business. The years I spent working construction was valuable time, as I gained a lot of experience  working with and supervising individuals from all walks of life.  Life experience is a very good trait when it comes to Law Enforcement. In 1993 I went to work for the Lyon County Sheriff's Office. I have enjoyed the last 25 years as a Law Enforcement Officer in Lyon County. 

I began my career in Law Enforcement as a reserve officer for Lyon County.  I was a reserve deputy for approximately  18 months before I was employed full time.  I started out in the jail and spent my first two years working as a detention deputy.  I transferred to patrol.  I eventually ended up as a resident deputy in Smith Valley and remained in that assignment for about five years.  I was then reassigned to the Mason Patrol area.  I spent a number of years working as a patrol deputy.  I promoted to Sergeant and was in charge o f the Mason Patrol squad. As a Sergeant I became part of the county wide watch commander system. As a watch commander I was able to supervise deputies in all of the different patrol areas of the county. I spent approximately 20 years on patrol in Lyon County. During that same period of time I  served 16 years on the Lyon County Sheriff's Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team and was also a certified  crisis negotiator.  In 2014 I was reassigned to the position of administrative Sergeant.  In this position I was in charge  of developing recruitment practices, training and Health and Wellness for the department.  In 2016 I was promoted to Commander and put in charge of the detention facility.

In 1996 I graduated the Nevada Category I Police Academy as one of the top individuals in both academics and firearms. I currently hold a Supervisory POST certificate from the Nevada Peace Officers Standard and Training. 

I have worked under three different sheriff's administrations and have the knowledge and experience to know what has worked and what has not worked for Lyon county.

During my time at the Lyon County Sheriff's Office I have earned the respect of over 90 percent of the current employees, both Sworn and non-sworn staff

For the past 25 years I have also been a volunteer member of the Smith Valley Fire Protection District.  I served as chairman of the fire board for 12 years, interacting with county governing bodies and gaining experience with budgets.  I played a vital role in aquiring the funding to build two new fire stations and upgrade our apparatus. My current ranking is that of Captain and I also hold a number of certifications including Fire Instructor, advanced EMT and state certified EMT instructor.

I have also been very active in the community outside of work.  I coached little league baseball and AYSO soccer. I  was a certified AYSO soccer referee  for both youth and high school. I coached 4-H and FFA students in a number of life skill areas. I am a train the trainer instructor for C.E.R.T. (Citizen Emergancy Response Team) a program sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. I worked part time for approximately 10 years for the Lyon County School District as a substitute teacher, teaching in grades K-12. I was chairman of the Smith Valley Advisory Board for a little over a year.

from a cop's point of view

Lyon County is unique, with miles of distance between patrol areas.  There are basically five different demographic areas with unique cultures ranging from old Nevada to transitional Nevada.  Because of these factors, centralization of Law Enforcement in Lyon County will not work as well as it should.

Certain deputies have learned their respective patrol areas and developed a working relationship with the citizens who live within those areas; it is like having a small degree of community -based policing functioning at its best.

As a sheriff you need to realize these dynamics and establish the work force to maximize patrol areas to achieve the positive outcomes for citizens.

Budget constraints will and have proven to be a major hurdle in terms of developing a true community-based policing practice.  We need to develop a hybrid version of community based policing and make our staff more accessible to the public.

We have a great group of men and women who work for this agency with dedication, talents and drive. They need a leader who will take notice of their attributes and lead this department to the next level.

Business in Lyon county


Let’s talk about something that is in the news in Lyon County. Should Brothel’s in Lyon County stay or go. That is a decision that will eventually be made by the Board of County Commissioners after all the facts are gathered and examined. What is the role of the Sheriff or Sheriff’s Office in the final determination. The Sheriff or anyone working for the the Sheriff’s Office should not influence the outcome by the use of their professional title or position. Either real or perceived. The Brothel’s in Lyon County are licensed legal businesses that have been approved by the board. The Sheriff’s Office operates by two sets of standards Nevada Revised Statutes and Lyon County Codes. Our job is to simply protect all legal licensed businesses in the county as governed by law. We must remain professional, unbiased and neutral in these matters. I told Sheriff Sid Smith years ago that you might as well give me a black and white shirt and a whistle and call me a referee. That is a large part of our job. Take the rules of the game, the facts and make a sound decision while limiting our personal viewpoints.


  •       Let’s talk about statistics. What are the purpose of statistics? To put it simply they are a bunch of mathematical numbers generated from one or more sets of data to help plan or predict an outcome or plan of action. They should not be used to solely govern your operations.
        You are going to hear crime rates are going down in Lyon County. Violent crime rates are down. We live in a safer world. All of these statements are based off a small group of chosen statistics. I am not going to get into a debate about numbers. All I ask is for each and everyone of you who think Lyon County is safer then ever to do a little home work. The following two web sites have all the statistics for Lyon County and Nevada. Search Uniform crime Reporting State of Nevada and Nevada-FBI Uniform Crime Reporting - Look at what is really happening for yourself.
        Another statistics you will hear is Shift Relief Factor. The calculated SRF does not justify putting deputies on the street. Well I hate to tell you folks sometimes the work we do in Law Enforcement can’t be planned out. We often have to base what we do on real life. The men and women of this agency are putting there lives on the line everyday. That is real. Letting a bunch of calculated numbers determine if they can have a partner or not is a bad business practice.
    The citizens of this county and the deputies that serve and protect them are more then just numbers. We need to get back to reality based policing. 

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I have served the county and communities of Lyon County for the last 25 years as a member of the Sheriff's Office. I haved enjoyed the experience and look forward to continued service at the next level.

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I know  the value of being connected. That's why I'm running for this position.  We have to work together as a Department and Community to come up with solutions to problems as they arise. 

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In order to reach our goals, I need everyone who believes in the cause to get behind me and support me.  This can be by word of mouth, hanging election related signs, or sponsoring the cause financially.  I am in this to win it and together we can improve services in Lyon County.

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